01. The [lens] fell out of my new sunglasses, so I got my money back.
02. Nowadays, many people with poor eyesight can have their vision restored through corrective [lens] surgery using a laser beam.
03. I scratched the [lens] of my sunglasses when I was cleaning them.
04. You can now correct your eyesight with a laser procedure which changes the pressure on the [lens] in your eye.
05. You should put the wide-angle [lens] on your camera so that you can get everyone in the picture.
06. He wears sunglasses with mirror [lenses], so you can't see his eyes.
07. A naturalist dissected a salmon at Goldstream Park, and she took a [lens] out of its eye for us to look at. It was like a perfect little glass ball.
08. Ayn Rand wrote that words are a [lens] to focus one's mind.
09. In 1609, Galileo obtained some [lenses] and built a telescope.
10. Modern telescopes generally use mirrors rather than [lenses].
11. A housefly has big compound eyes, each of which has 4,000 tiny [lenses].
12. A horse focuses its eye by changing the angle of its head, not by changing the shape of the [lens] of the eye, as humans do.
13. The composition of the [lens] of a human eye is 65 percent water and 35 percent protein.
14. The [lens] of the eye continues to grow throughout a person's life.
15. Marco Polo reported seeing many pairs of eyeglasses worn by the Chinese as early as 1275, 500 years before [lens] making was possible in the West.
16. Leonardo da Vinci was the first to suggest using contact [lenses] to see, back in 1508.
17. Of all colors, gray [lenses] in sunglasses best protect the eyes against the sun's rays.
18. Neither fish nor insects have eyelids; their eyes are protected by a hardened [lens].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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